Lice Free Yippee! This company literally saved my sanity

Lice Free Yippee! This company literally saved my sanity. I had been dealing with head lice for more than 3 months on me and my 3 kids and I just couldn’t stand it one more minute. As a single mom, there was absolutely no one to help me and I just couldn’t miss another day of work and they couldn’t miss any more school. I called to make an appointment and they got my family in within one hour. My entire family was in and out of there in less than two hours and we never found another thing on our head. I couldn’t believe how thorough the lice treatment was and that they could do 100% lice and nit removal in 1 treatment, but they did. It has now been 1.5 months since our treatment and I am just now getting to writing this, but I cannot recommend this company highly enough. They were amazing in everyway, with all my kids, especially my little boy with autism. What an incredible team of caring, compassionate women. They even taught me how to do lice checks and gave me lots of great info so that we don’t get lice again. Icing on the cake was the fact that we got 80% covered by our insurance company. I would have paid for it regardless, but it was nice not to have to. If you get lice, you should just pick up the phone and call Lice Knowing You©. I wish I would have started with them as I spent so much time and money trying to do it on my own.



Oct 20, 2010

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