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Are Lice Seasonal in Seattle?


Are Lice Seasonal in Seattle? 

Sleep-Lice in Seattle

We’ve all had our restless nights. But have you ever been kept awake by lice? As nocturnal creatures, lice are more active in the dark than during the light of day. (This is also why they prefer to nest in hair, hiding away from light!). Their nocturnal behavior can make people truly sleepless in Seattle – especially at this time of year, when we begin to see more and more lice cases come through the doors of our Seattle Lice Clinic.

Lice in Seattle – Are They Seasonal?

Clients often ask if there is a season for head lice and nits in Seattle, and the truthful answer is yes and no. There are always cases of head lice in Seattle due to our fairly mild climate, therefore making it a year-round problem. We do, however, see an uptick beginning after spring break through the end of summer. So, when push comes to shove, we would name spring and summer in Seattle as the seasons of lice.  

Prevent Against Lice – in Seattle & Beyond

Most people who come into our Seattle Lice Clinic didn’t just get head lice.  They’ve had it for several weeks, but didn’t realize because they didn’t see anything or have any obvious symptoms.  

So, what can you do to help prevent head lice and nits?  This is where our mantra comes in: “once a week, sneak a peek.” Regularly checking your children for head lice and nits using our professional lice comb will keep any lice exposure to a minimum. We sell our full line of lice prevention products in all of our Lice Knowing You clinics in Washington and Oregon,  as well as all New Seasons Markets and of course, Amazon!

How do our prevention products work?  While nothing is 100%, our products are very effective and work in two ways. First they contain seven different essential oils which are proven to not only deter head lice, but also other insects.  Second, our products coats the hair shaft essentially making the hair dirty as opposed to clean. Head lice everywhere like clean hair as opposed to “dirty” hair, so this approach – which might seem counter-intuitive – actually proves incredibly effective.

Besides using prevention products and checking your kids’ hair regularly, have them wear their hair in ponytails or braids (if longer than shoulder length). You should also keep in mind that it is never a good idea to share combs and brushes.

Don’t lose sleep over lice – keep our tips in mind, and come into one of our lice clinics if you develop an infestation. That way, you won’t be sleepless – in Seattle, or wherever you might be.

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