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Scalp Safety During the Holidays

The holidays are a time of celebration and unity! We embrace our friends and family for smiling group photos and impromptu selfies. But holding our loved ones close can introduce a risk: head lice! These tiny crawlers travel from scalp to scalp to find new hosts. An entire family can find themselves infested after an…

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Tips for a Lice-Free Halloween

Nothing is spookier than head lice! Creepy crawlies on your children’s scalp can turn a fun holiday into a nightmare. Here are some tips for preventing the spread of lice through costumes: When you’re shopping for a costume, use caution. Before your kids try a hat, mask, wig, or hooded costume, check  the item for…

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Head Lice Unplugged: Skilled Work, Not Technology, Eliminates Lice

Lice Check

Old and new inventions claim short cuts to eliminating head lice.  With rumors of “super lice” spreading across the nation as parasites continue to develop resistance to chemical treatment, many parents have turned to technology to get rid of these nasty creatures. The web is filled with tips on using hair dryers, curling irons and…

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The Myth of “Super Lice”

They’re crawling all over the internet and infesting the news: so-called “super lice” are threatening America’s kids… or are they? Researchers at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville recently shared the results of a study showing that many head lice are resistant to the chemicals traditionally used to kill them. The media quickly escalated this news…

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New AAP Lice Guidelines: Good or Bad Idea?

Head lice across America raised their tiny arms in victory when the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released new guidelines for managing infestations. The AAP, who influences policy in school systems all over the country, described lice as merely a “nuisance” and stated that “no healthy child should be excluded from or miss school because…

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Summer is a time for Lice Prevention!

Waa Hoo! Kids everywhere are jumping for joy – school’s out for the summer and it’s time for fun to begin! Many parents think that once school is over – head lice goes away. Well, that’s just not the case. Lice is a year-round problem and if preventative measures aren’t taken, lice will make an…

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Have A Wonderful, Hopefully Lice-Free, Summer!

Recently a client welcomed family friends from another state into her home. These family friends had recently treated their daughter for lice but the mother had not been checked and did not care to use our services at Lice Knowing You. The friend stated that her daughter gets lice a few times a year –…

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Just what is in our products?

Many people ask us what makes our products so special and unique. Besides the years of research and formulation that went into creating the Lice Knowing You© brand – the products work. When used correctly, Lice Knowing You© products have a 100% success rate at treating and preventing head lice. We can about keeping your…

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Tips on Lice Prevention for the Warmer Months

The air is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and the sun is shining brighter…what does all of this mean? Kids are playing outside, riding bikes and scooters, playing baseball – and sharing helmets and other sports accessories. Which also means – the spread of lice through your community. Begin preventative measures now to…

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