Issaquah Lice Removal & Treatment Clinic

Issaquah Lice Removal & Treatment Clinic

Lice Knowing You© provides a professional Issaquah Lice Removal & Treatment clinic and is your one-stop-shop dedicated to getting you and your entire family nit and lice free in a healthy and effective manner. Our professionally trained staff of nit-pickers is able to rid your family of lice in only one visit, we guarantee it! Using only highest quality lice removal products and techniques, all of our in-house services include a 30 Day Guarantee.

Our exclusive Lice Knowing You© products are safe and effective, and contain no harsh chemicals, unlike most of the over-the-counter lice treatment products.  Our comprehensive line of lice detection, treatment, removal, and prevention products are available for purchase through our website, or at any of our salon locations.

When you do receive that call or note from your child’s school informing you of a lice infestation, it’s time to take action immediately. Lice spread quickly and because of this, it cannot wait until you get around to it. Attempting to destroy lice on your own can be overwhelming, expensive, and ineffective.  Nit and Lice removal is best left to the professionals at Lice Knowing You© who provide guaranteed results.

For a quality Issaquah Lice Removal & Treatment clinic, contact Lice Knowing You©  to schedule your appointment today. We are here to help.



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