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Lice Knowing You© specializes in lice detection and removal services in Kenmore and can help your child immediately feel relief from the annoyance of lice. Lice can be frustrating and concerning if you attempt to address this problem from home by yourself. A large majority of the products you will purchase from the local stores are dangerous to use, smell horrible, and don’t work. When guaranteed results are needed, it is highly recommended to visit our Kenmore Lice Removal & Treatment clinic for professional service using only the best quality lice removal products which are safe to apply.

Lice Knowing You© sells both online and any of our Lice Knowing You© treatment salons, products that are safe and effective to use, even on a daily basis. Our comprehensive line of products includes detection, treatment, and preventative shampoos, gels, and hair conditioners which are proven to keep the lice away for good.

If it has been discovered that your child or a family member has head lice, it’s important to bring them to a professional lice treatment salon right away. The more time that passes, the more lice grow and can have the potential to move to another person. Our professional staff of nit and lice removal specials, guarantee results and promise that even after only one treatment in our salon, you will be completely rid of this annoying creature.

For the best quality Kenmore Lice Removal & Treatment clinic in the area, contact Lice Knowing You©. We make lice removal easy so you can get back to your normal routine and be lice free fast.


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