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The discovery of lice on your child’s head is an issue that can’t be taken lightly. The truth is that if lice are not eliminated, they can spread very quickly to all members of the family. Lice can be transmitted in a variety of ways including close contact, or the sharing of a hair combs, pillows, or a ball cap. Once you have been notified that your child has lice, you must take immediate action and visit a Kirkland Lice Removal & Treatment clinic who can provide removal and only the highest quality lice removal products in the area.

Lice Knowing You© offers professional lice detection and removal services in Kirkland that your community can trust. Our experienced staff will check your child’s head to determine the severity of the infestation to make recommendations on what services would be most effective. All our in-salon lice removal treatments are guaranteed to eliminate all traces of nits and lice in only your first visit. Lice removal products that can be purchased over the counter and used at homes most often times are not safe. It’s hard to judge when you are attempting to remove lice on your own at home, if the lice are really gone or not. Our expert staff of technicians knows what they are looking for and will ensure that your lice problem is 100% resolved.

We make sure to remove both nits and lice both to prevent new lice from showing up yet again. If you have been notified or suspect your child or any family member does have lice, contact Lice Knowing You© to schedule an appointment at one of our quality Kirkland Lice Removal & Treatment clinics immediately to resolve the issue professionally and effectively.


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