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If your child has been sent home from school because lice have been spotted in her hair or if there is a case of lice in the classroom, there is no need to panic. Feelings of mortification, annoyance and shock often strike but help is accessible within the community. The professional technicians at Lice Knowing You©, the Lynden Lice Removal Treatment Clinic are ready to supply for guidance for your specific lice management requirements, including the application of quality lice removal products.

Interestingly, lice are only located on the human head, with itching being the most familiar feature. Many people are allergic to lice saliva, thus the itching. Not everyone, though, experiences itchy symptoms. It is necessary to carefully inspect the head to determine if lice and nits are visible. The nits look like dandruff but cannot simply be swept away. Seen year-round, lice are usually first perceived in children, as their close proximity in daycare and school situations offers the perfect environment for lice to travel from one child to another.

Lice Knowing You© uses lice removal products created with essential oils that are not only safe and effective, but are free of pesticides and chemicals and are completely natural. Our removal process is painless, individualized and without stress and will fully eradicate all lice and nits.

Reasonably-priced and trustworthy lice elimination is obtainable in our quality lice removal & treatment clinic. The advantages of using our salon include a comfortable setting, many technicians who can work on each family member simultaneously, special lighting to better see the lice and a spa-like atmosphere. We will examine each family member, supply individual treatment and offer advice for defending your home against lice, deterring future intrusions and ridding everyone of lice and their eggs.

Contact our quality Lynden Lice Removal & Treatment Clinic at (206) 654-5423 to confer with one of our experienced lice removal technicians and to schedule your appointment. Lice Knowing You© can help.


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