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Can You Get Head Lice From Pets?

can you get head lice from pets?

Can You Get Head Lice From Pets?

It’s a common question, with a simple answer. Read on and rest assured that you cannot get lice from your pets!

Cats and dogs can get lice – does this situation mean that your pet can infect your child?

Well, you need not fret as while can occasionally get lice; your child will not be able to catch lice from your pet. Why? Simply put, dog lice require dog blood to survive, and cat lice require only cat blood to survive. In other words then, pet lice cannot survive on human blood. Along similar lines, your cat or dog cannot catch lice from an infected child as the head lice do require human blood to live.

It is also important to remember that human lice are not a result of poor personal hygiene habits. That said, lice in pets and other animals often occur when animals live in unsanitary environments. As such, it may be no surprise to learn that lice are not a commonly diagnosed parasite in animals.

What Types of Lice can Pets Catch?

Cats can obtain a type of lice known as Felicola subrostrata. Meanwhile, dogs can catch one of the two following lice types: Trichodectes canis and Linognathus setosus. Other types of animals can get lice on occasion as well, but once again the lice on these animals cannot be transmitted to humans and humans cannot transmit head lice to these animals.

Does Your Child Have Head Lice?

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