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Location Spotlight: Our Portland Lice Treatment Clinic

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2021 Update: Our Oregon locations are closed. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. Please feel free to check out our all-natural Lice Knowing You® products to prevent and treat lice at home!

As many parents know, dealing with lice can be a big pain in the butt. That’s why, when Mercer Island mom Nancy Gordon discovered her talent for eradicating the pests, she began offering her skill to help other parents in the community. In doing so, she founded the first professional lice treatment clinic in the area. Since the founding of Lice Knowing You in 2007, we have expanded to five more locations across the Pacific Northwest.

Despite our rapid growth in the past twelve years, each Lice Knowing You clinic remains as grounded in its community as the first. To give you an idea of our continued local commitment, and to showcase our passion for lice-free communities, we’d like to take this post to spotlight our Portland location.

A Need for Portland Lice Services

Lice Knowing You decided to expand to Portland in 2011 when we realized that families there were sorely lacking a professional lice removal service. With over 79 public schools in the Portland School District, Portland families eagerly welcomed our team of lice removal professionals. Oregon is also classified as one of the many states that is home to super lice (which are resistant to over-the-counter products such as Rid). Suffice to say Lice Knowing You Portland got right down to business.

In order to accommodate the high volume of families, we aimed to open our new location in an area both centrally located and easily accessible from the surrounding areas. That’s how we settled on our current location, the Nase building in Portland’s South East side. Located off SE 11th and Madison Street, we have a parking lot to avoid the frustration of street parking that is too frequent in Portland. We also chose this location because of its close proximity to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, giving families an opportunity to have some fun and celebrate being lice-free after visiting our clinic.

Grounded in the Community

Like all Lice Knowing You clinics, our Portland location provides head lice checks, removal, and prevention. In order to best serve our community, we use only all-natural, non-toxic products. Through our continued commitment, we have come to partner with a number of organizations and summer camps in the area, including New Seasons Market and the Sephardic Adventure Camp. We have also been recognized as one of the top lice treatment services by local publications including The Oregonian. To get a glimpse into our Portland clinic, check out their video below. 

Since opening in 2011, our Portland location has experienced all the zany stories and tough case studies that comes with being a lice treatment clinic. In particular, Portland this past winter saw a 60% increase in lice cases over the previous winter, which kept our lice technicians particularly busy. Through it all, we have truly enjoyed serving the Portland area and ensuring that our community is lice-free. For more information about our services, hours of operation, and directions, check out our Seattle lice clinic page.

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